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In 2009 I su ered a traumatic brain injury. As a single mama with three kids working as a part time adjunct writing professor, times were tight before the injury. A er, we were plunged into poverty quickly. Not only that, but it was di cult for me to cook anything complicated. But ground beef was o en on sale at the market, and I remembered my Grammy Alice’s recipe—so simple and yet satisfying, the very de nition of comfort food. Instead of feeling deprived, my kids always felt like “meatballs and gravy” was an indulgent meal. Alice was the ...

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Cheesy Chicken Meatballs

Chef: elijahdl

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Recipe by: Raquel Teixeira "I have abandoned fatty ground beef in favor of healthier options such as ground chicken and turkey. I can ensure with the perfect additions, these will not be bland nor dry - you will not be missing the beef here."