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Homemade taco seasoning

Chef: ianlisle

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Taco night just got wayyy better thanks to this homemade taco seasoning. You most likely have all of these spices on hand, which makes this seasoning so simple to throw together. It's perfect on taco tomatoes, cheesy taco casserole, and in Mexican chicken pasta! YIELDS: 1 CUP PREP TIME: 0 HOURS 5 MINS TOTAL TIME: 0 HOURS 5 MINS From


Crunchwrap Supreme

Chef: ianlisle

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Trust us, this is every bit as good as the real thing! YIELDS: 4 PREP TIME: 0 HOURS 20 MINS COOK TIME: 0 HOURS 25 MINS TOTAL TIME: 0 HOURS 45 MINS From

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Chef: anachef

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loose white rice

Chef: goku

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Instead of just cook rice by boiling and steaming it, the brazilian's rice is first sauted with oliver oil and then cooked. This results in a perfect loosed rice.

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Chef: Alexandra_Rose

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Pan Haggerty

Chef: ianlisle

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Pan haggerty is a traditional Northumbrian vegetarian side dish containing potatoes, onion, and cheese. A lovely winter warmer which works well as an accompaniment to most meats or served for breakfast with crispy bacon and a fried egg. from

Banana Molasses Pancakes photo

Banana Molasses Pancakes

Chef: joshuabblaine

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While growing up in Idaho my dad served homemade pancakes most mornings.  This past year I discovered I liked pancakes with banana adding mollasses.  I couldn't find a recipe I really cared for.  After a few modifications I came up with a variation that suits mine and my wife and kids palate.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Joshua Blaine


Chocolate Pudding

Chef: joshuabblaine

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Homemade Pudding beats store bought any day. Watch it in a video.

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fluffy pancake

Chef: saadat

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best fluffy pancakes 

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Chef: nefelovatissa

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Για το σιρ?πι 800 γρ. ζ?χαρη 450 γρ. νερ? 1 στικ καν?λας φλο?δα απ? 1 λεμ?νι 75 γρ. μ?λι Για την κρ?μα 4 αυγ? μεσα?α 200 γρ. ζ?χαρη κρυσταλλικ? 500 γρ. κρ?μα γ?λακτος 35% λιπαρ? 500 γρ. γ?λα πλ?ρες 3,5% λιπαρ? 1 πρ?ζα αλ?τι 1 κ.γ. βαν?λια σιρ?πι ? 2 βανιλ?νες 170 γρ. σιμιγδ?λι ψιλ? 100 γρ. βο?τυρο 220 γρ. βο?τυρο λιωμ?νο για το ?λειμμα των φ?λλων 1 συσκευασ?α φ?λλα κρο?στας ? φ?λλα Βυρητο?