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loose white rice

Chef: goku

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Instead of just cook rice by boiling and steaming it, the brazilian's rice is first sauted with oliver oil and then cooked. This results in a perfect loosed rice.

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Chef: Alexandra_Rose

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Pan Haggerty

Chef: ianlisle

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Pan haggerty is a traditional Northumbrian vegetarian side dish containing potatoes, onion, and cheese. A lovely winter warmer which works well as an accompaniment to most meats or served for breakfast with crispy bacon and a fried egg. from


Chocolate Pudding

Chef: joshuabblaine

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Homemade Pudding beats store bought any day. Watch it in a video.

fluffy pancake photo

fluffy pancake

Chef: saadat

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best fluffy pancakes 

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Chef: nefelovatissa

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Για το σιρ?πι 800 γρ. ζ?χαρη 450 γρ. νερ? 1 στικ καν?λας φλο?δα απ? 1 λεμ?νι 75 γρ. μ?λι Για την κρ?μα 4 αυγ? μεσα?α 200 γρ. ζ?χαρη κρυσταλλικ? 500 γρ. κρ?μα γ?λακτος 35% λιπαρ? 500 γρ. γ?λα πλ?ρες 3,5% λιπαρ? 1 πρ?ζα αλ?τι 1 κ.γ. βαν?λια σιρ?πι ? 2 βανιλ?νες 170 γρ. σιμιγδ?λι ψιλ? 100 γρ. βο?τυρο 220 γρ. βο?τυρο λιωμ?νο για το ?λειμμα των φ?λλων 1 συσκευασ?α φ?λλα κρο?στας ? φ?λλα Βυρητο?

Glamorgan sausage coating photo

Glamorgan sausage coating

Chef: ianlisle

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Coating for Vegan Glamorgan Sausages


Vegan Glamorgan Sausages

Chef: ianlisle

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Avant-Garde Vegan chef Gaz Oakley shares his easy recipe for a traditional, tasty Welsh classic, Glamorgan Sausages. From

Contorno di patate e carote veloce con bimby photo

Contorno di patate e carote veloce con bimby


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Oggi per pranzo ho preparato questo velocissimo contorno di patate e carote, economico e molto buono. Vediamo insieme come procedere!

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Chef: rithu

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