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Chef: nidalasw

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Smacked Cucumber in Garlicky Sauce

Chef: fluvius

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This exceptionally quick and easy dish was a favorite of mine at the now demolished and much-missed Bamboo Bar, a small restaurant just outside the Sichuan University campus. The serving girls there, who lodged like sardines in the attic at the top of the old wooden building, used to mix up the seasonings behind the counter, taking spoonfuls of garnet-red chilli oil and dark soy sauce from the bowls in the glass cabinet beside them and tossing the cucumber in the piquant sauce. The combination of seasonings, known as “garlic paste flavor” (suan ni wei), is a Sichuanese classic, with ...


Warm Asparagus and Brussels Sprout Salad

Chef: knuttall05

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Goes great with prime rib or even turkey dinners