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Goat Cheese and Honey

Chef: qgriffith

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Goat cheese, pecans, almonds, honey and rosemary meet to make this wonderfully decadent treat.   

Southern Deviled Eggs photo

Southern Deviled Eggs

Chef: qgriffith

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A nice slightly spicy deviled egg, great for a snack or an appetizer.  I make these every Thanksgiving

Old Fashioned photo

Old Fashioned

Chef: bonobo80

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A classic cocktail.

Deviled Eggs photo

Deviled Eggs

Chef: mommakara4

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This is a family favorite that my grandma must make at every get together. 

Beer Dip photo

Beer Dip

Chef: mommakara4

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This beer dip is great for any party!

Mirchi Bonda photo

Mirchi Bonda

Chef: fluvius

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Test photo


Chef: teeks99

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Southwestern Egg Rolls photo

Southwestern Egg Rolls

Chef: BillEBob

Average Rating:

Vegetarian Egg Roles with HUGE flavor

Gioza & Pork the Alentejo way photo

Gioza & Pork the Alentejo way

Chef: pavalerio

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Yeld: 4 Portions Preparation time: 120 minutes  Easy

Buffalo Chicken  photo

Buffalo Chicken

Chef: mwiggins

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Large amount of buffalo chicken dip